Become a Precinct Committeeman!

Dear Libertarian,

If you ever wanted to get involved in the Libertarian Party, I have something critical to share with you. The position of Precinct Committeeman (PC) is an important role needed for the sustainability of the party. In Arizona, state law determines how the party can organize. When we don’t have many people involved we limit our impact.

A PC is an elected office in the Maricopa County Libertarian Party. This is a true grassroots position focusing on voters in the “precinct” or neighborhood you are registered. In addition to educating voters living around you about the Libertarian Party, duties include:

  • Running and Voting for leadership positions in the County Party.
  • Participating in the decision-making process in the Party.
  • Gaining experience or responsibility within the Party.
  • Meeting like-minded people who share libertarian values.

Interested Libertarians have until April 18th, 2022 to file their Statement of Candidacy with the Maricopa County Libertarian Party. (The typical PC filing process for 2022 has changed thanks to HB 2839. There is no petitions and no elections for Precinct Committeemen. Candidates must apply through the county party.)

Remember, the Libertarian Party is made up by those who show up. We will not achieve ‘a world set free in our lifetime’ without working together towards our shared goals. The first step in ensuring the grassroots is in place to sustain the local party.

Please consider becoming a Precinct Committeemen for the MCLP. This is the opportunity to get involved in the party in a meaningful and effective way.

In Liberty,

Brandon Slayton
Chair, Maricopa LP