The People Powering Our Party: Spotlight on MCLP Leaders

When we talk about bringing a positive change, it’s not just the big ideas and lofty goals that matter, but the diligent, persistent, everyday work of individuals. Today, I want to introduce you to six extraordinary Libertarians from Maricopa County who exemplify this spirit. Their dedication and commitment to the party’s core values serve as a beacon for all of us.

  • Sheila S.

    First volunteering in the heat of Scottsdale’s 2021 summer, Sheila’s passion for liberty refused to wane. Her fervor for Home Schooling doesn’t just stop at educating; she ensures our party’s voice rings clear in pivotal decisions, like when Arizona embraced school choice. From her notable role on the AZLP state board to handling the pulse of our online presence with Maricopa LP’s Twitter, Sheila’s versatility shines through. And let’s not forget her finesse in bringing us together for the monthly Pints & Porcupines Social Event.

  • Ryan S.

    Where others saw challenge, Ryan saw opportunity. As our Treasurer, Ryan didn’t just balance our books, he became a beacon of trust, finding innovative banking solutions and filing meticulous reports. His sharp business acumen has been a breath of fresh air, turning challenges into stepping stones. Ryan has been the cornerstone of our financial structure. Maricopa County is indeed fortunate to have him.

  • Eric F.

    If there’s a digital heartbeat to our party, it’s Eric. Juggling his responsibilities as a Senior Software Developer by day, he moonlights as our digital guardian. Eric has not only upgraded our party’s email system and donation portal but is also the mind behind the curtain ensuring our message is digitally precise. And with the tantalizing promise of leveraging Voter Data, the horizon looks bright.

  • Emily G.

    Our beloved ‘dinosaur’, Emily, shows us that true passion never fades. Counting her service in decades, she’s been a stalwart for both state and county parties. Every table we’ve ever set up at a fair or festival has Emily’s indomitable spirit etched into it. Her legacy, from being the AZLP Chair to now serving as the MCLP Secretary, continues to inspire us.

  • Nathan M.

    Representing the vibrant youth, Nathan’s achievements are nothing short of remarkable. As the only Libertarian on a School Board in Arizona, he’s breaking barriers, proving Libertarians can indeed influence local governance. And now, as a Legislative candidate for 2024 for LD25, he’s setting his sights even higher. When not on the campaign trail, he’s adding flair to our social events and digital presence.

  • Brock W.

    Brock’s unique libertarian footprint is seen on the banks of the Salt River. If you’ve noticed our “Adopt-a-road” sign, that’s Brock’s tenacity at work. Beyond the clean-ups, he’s a testament that even outside traditional politics, Libertarian values can shine brightly. His mantra, “Find something libertarian to do, and do it,” is the clarion call we all can resonate with.

Each of these remarkable souls wears the badge of a Precinct Committeemen (PC). It’s a role that signifies profound commitment and is a foundational step in our shared journey.

As Chairman, their stories stand testament to the truth I’ve come to realize: our party thrives on the shared strength of its members. Our volunteers, officers, and PCs are the heartbeats that drive our mission forward. Let’s celebrate their dedication, draw inspiration from their journeys, and carve out our own paths of impact.

To a brighter future, in liberty,

Brandon Slayton
Chair, Maricopa LP