Maricopa Libertarians: Fatal IRS Shooting Reveals Urgent Need to Disarm Federal Agencies

Phoenix, AZ – The Maricopa County Libertarian Party is deeply saddened to learn of the tragic incident at a federal gun range in Phoenix where a special agent with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was accidentally shot and killed by a fellow IRS agent during a training exercise. We extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased agent.

This unfortunate incident brings to the forefront concerns that our party has long expressed regarding the armament of federal agencies not typically associated with law enforcement roles. An alarming Inspector General report has already spotlighted numerous accidental firearm discharges, shining a light on the grave risks posed by inadequate training and lax oversight. The time for action and reform is now.

Key points from the report:

  • A lack of consistent training and firearm safety protocols.
  • Accidental firearm discharges outnumber intentional use of force incidents.
  • Inconsistent procedures for agents who don’t meet firearm qualification requirements.

It is our belief that for agencies such as the IRS, the core functions can be performed effectively without the need for agents to be armed. This incident, combined with the findings of the Inspector General report and the Biden Administration’s plans to expand the number of IRS agents, underscores the urgent need for a comprehensive review of policies and practices related to the armament of federal agencies.

The Maricopa County Libertarian Party unequivocally asserts that arming federal personnel, particularly in agencies where law enforcement isn’t the central function, creates significant and avoidable hazards for both the agents and the public. We demand that our elected representatives and policymakers take immediate and decisive action to reform these dangerous practices and guarantee the safety of everyone involved.


For more details please contact:

Brandon Slayton
Chairman, Maricopa County Libertarian Party

Phone: 480-600-0749