Hello Maricopa County Libertarians

Do you want to become a Delegate to the Libertarian National Convention in Washington D.C. 2024? Here’s how!

What is a Delegate to the National Convention?

Arizona will send our slate of delegates to Washington D.C. May 2024, for the Libertarian National Convention. The National Libertarian Party holds a national convention every two years.

Delegates from each state will consider proposed amendments to the Party’s Platform and Bylaws and elect our national leadership for the next term.

Each state has different criteria for selecting its delegation. The Arizona Libertarian Party bylaws determine how we select them in Arizona.

Some local party positions and offices are ex-officio delegates. Meaning they are automatically delegates to the national convention. Those offices are: The County Chairs of AZLP recognized County Parties, Statutory Arizona Libertarian Party Officers, and Libertarian National Committee Members residing in Arizona.

How many Delegates does Arizona get?

That depends… The LNC bylaws outline the allocation allotment before each convention. Our current delegate allocation is 26.

One way to help in increasing our delegate count is to become a sustaining member of the national party with an annual donation of $25. Each national member increases the metrics needed to get more delegates allocated to our state.

If you haven’t become a national member, we encourage you to do that to help with Arizona’s representation at the LNC. Of course, MCLP will also welcome your kind gift if you prefer to keep your money local.

Since some delegates slots are already claimed from the ex-officio Delegates, the remaining Delegates allotted shall be elected by approval voting by the body of Class A Arizona Libertarian Party Members at the Annual State Committee Meeting taking place in Tucson, January 13 2024.

In addition to electing the delegates, we will also elect ‘Alternative Delegates’. Who will be sat as delegates at the convention in the event an elected delegate is not able to attend for whatever reason. This helps ensure Arizona has the full slate of delegates present and represented for all business conducted in D.C.

“All registered Libertarians, as they are defined and provided for under Title 16, Chapter 1, Arizona Revised Statutes, shall be Class A Members of the Party.” – AZLP Constitution

How can someone be nominated to run for Delegate?

All candidates for a Delegate seat will make a written request to the AZLP Secretary. Then the Secretary will print Ballots with Delegate Candidate names for voting during the meeting.

How to be a Qualified Delegate According to the Bylaws:

Qualified Delegates must be an Arizona resident that is a National Libertarian Party member or a class A Member of the AZLP.

Prospective Delegates under the age of 18 can be appointed but must have a legal guardian also elected or appointed at the Meeting as a Delegate to qualify.

Delegates must pledge, either by written, verbal or electronic attestation, that they do not support the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals. Should any requirement not be met the Delegate seat shall move to the next qualified Candidate.

When is the 2024 Annual State Meeting?

This meeting will take place in January 13th 2024 in Tucson. The AZLP is currently finalizing planning for this meeting and we will share the information as soon as it becomes available.

When is the National Convention?

May 23 – 26 2022

Washington Hilton
1919 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009, US

More information at: