Nominations Opened For Two Vacant MCLP Board Positions

On Wednesday, August 25th, Chairman Brandon Slayton sent notice to eligible Precinct Committee Members that two positions on the MCLP Board have become vacant. Per the MCLP Bylaws, a County Committee Meeting is to be held with the purpose to hold an election.

The two vacancies are:
1st Vice-Chair
2nd Vice-Chair

Only elected or appointed PCMs are eligible to nominate, be nominated, and vote on the nominations during this election. The date of the County Committee Meeting is scheduled for September 8th, 2021.

Examples of good candidates would include those who:

  • Understand and align with the Statement of Principles of the Libertarian Party.
  • Can commit to attend and participate in the monthly business meetings of the MCLP Officers.
  • Can bring ideas and solutions for the Board to work together on to achieve our shared goals.
  • Be a self-starter. We are a bottom-up organization.
  • Willingness to create and work with different coalitions of people on libertarian issues.

Nominations can be made via e-mail to or on the MCLP Slack Channel. As they are confirmed, a list will be made public of the candidates.

If any PCMs have any questions, they are asked to email the Chair at