Statement Regarding Marc Victor Withdrawing From US Senate Race

We Libertarians are accustomed being told that each election is “too important to vote 3rd party”, but we never expect to hear that from our Libertarian Candidate.

Marc Victor’s withdrawal from the race a week before the election, in a state where roughly 90% vote early, and 100s of thousands of ballots have already been turned in, is inexcusable.

Marc Victor recently made nationwide headlines when he polled at 15%; combined with an impressive debate performance, Arizona was looking forward to voting for the principled alternative to the Republicans and Democrats, and indeed, many already have.

Arizona Libertarians have waited years for representation on the ballot, and unfortunately, Marc Victor has removed that option from the equation. Forcing Arizonans to continue to wait for a dedicated liberty alternative, who is committed enough to seeing the race through the end on election day.

Brandon Slayton, Chairman
Maricopa County Libertarian Party