Statement from MCLP Chairman, Brandon Slayton:

“The Maricopa County Libertarian Party urges Governor Ducey to veto SB 1090, a bill altering the procedure of emergency voting. Current Arizona law enables the county recorder to establish emergency voting centers, allowing citizens to cast their vote while dealing with an unforeseen circumstance. SB 1090 wishes to delegate that power away from the recorder and give it to the board of supervisors. It also requires voters to sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury that describes the emergency and that the occurrence was unavoidable.

Voter suppression in any form is not a characteristic of a free society. The Republican-controlled legislature’s attempt to discourage and prevent people from voting during an emergency the way current law allows is a shameful partisan power grab. Threatening a class 4 felony will discourage eligible voters from casting their ballot when an unfortunate crisis arises, fearful their reason for utilizing an emergency voting center is not a qualified or approved excuse. SB 1090 is looking for a problem to fix that doesn’t exist, and the governor should do the right thing and veto it.”